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At Summer Hill, where academic excellence is combined with extracurricular activities. In our commitment to comprehensive development, we offer everything from sports equipment to gymnastics equipment and a musical band. We believe that these experiences not only strengthen specific skills, but also cultivate social skills and leadership. Join us at Summer Hill to explore your interests, challenge boundaries, and build meaningful connections beyond the classroom, setting you up for success in a diverse and challenging world.

Image by Chaos Soccer Gear

We promote passion for sport and in particular, we celebrate excellence in football. Our commitment to holistic development is reflected in our vibrant soccer team, where we not only cultivate athletic skills, but also foster camaraderie, teamwork and discipline.

We foster a passion for sport, and table tennis holds a special place in our community. Our enthusiastic ping pong team is not only dedicated to honing technical skills, but also celebrates the values ​​of concentration, speed and strategy.

Paleta de ping pong
Image by Nihal Demirci Erenay

We nurture artistic expression and celebrate the grace and discipline of ballet. Our dedicated ballet group not only strives to perfect technique, but also embraces creativity, elegance and self-expression.

We promote the energy and excitement of volleyball as a prominent manifestation of our commitment to vitality and teamwork. Our passionate volleyball team strives for masterful technique  while celebrating collaboration, communication and the competitive spirit.

baloncesto Dunk

We drive the energy and excitement of basketball as a prominent expression of our commitment to vitality and collaboration. Our passionate basketball team pursues technical excellence while celebrating cooperation, communication and competitive spirit.

In the refreshing waters of Summer Hill, swimming becomes a vital expression of our commitment to health and well-being. Our dedicated swim team strives for technical excellence while celebrating discipline, endurance and self-improvement.


Chess cannot be missed, challenging the minds of our students, promoting concentration and focus. It is presented as a universe of complexity and creativity, where each movement tells a unique story and the mind of the player.

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