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Academic Offer

Explore a diverse and enriching academic offering at our school, carefully designed to foster your personal and professional growth. From introductory courses to specialized programs, our institution covers a wide range of disciplines, including sciences, technology, humanities and arts. You will be guided by experts who strive to provide a quality education, preparing you for real-world challenges. Don't miss the opportunity to explore new academic possibilities and take the next step towards a promising future. Join our educational community and discover a space where your potential is nurtured and flourishes.

Summer Hill School offers three educational levels:


Pre-School consists of three levels: Maternal (3 years), pre-k (4 years) and Kindergarten (5 years). The academic curriculum is structured based on bilingual education (Spanish-English), including subjects that in the teaching methodology contribute to developing analytical, critical thinking to be able to understand what happens in your daily life and the world around you. Through subjects such as Reading, mathematics, language, phonics, science, speaking and listening, art, dance, physical education, fine and gross motor skills, prewriting, computer, music (performance of percussion instruments, musical language, beginning of first wind instrument lessons: flute), singing, physical education.


Middle School

According to the New Fundamental Law of Education, this educational level is made up of nine grades (first to ninth grade). This level is a continuation of the pre-basic level, with bilingual teaching and in each grade a program structured by subjects, which allows the student to learn through logical reasoning, analysis, synthesis of the concepts they learn. 90% of the subjects are taught in English, which allows the student to learn the English language both in verbal comprehension and oral expression, reading: word analysis, development of oral fluency and systematic vocabulary, as well as writing. Since the Spanish language is the native language, subjects such as Spanish, social studies, music, physical education, that is, 10% of the subjects, allow the improvement and development of skills in this language. The subject programs present the standards that are They need both academic and social skills in language learning both in the classroom and in their future lives. The areas of: English: language, spelling, Reading, literature, sciences: earth, life, physical biology, chemistry, technology, mathematics, social studies, allow them to communicate information, ideas and concepts that are essential for the continuity of their student life .To the students, and on a continuous basis, all the values, essential for harmonious coexistence, respect for diversity are complemented. We strive for students to develop an artistic sensitivity by appreciating art and offering the opportunity to play different types of musical instruments according to their preference and talent.


High School

It is made up of the tenth and eleventh grade. The curriculum is structured and is a continuation of basic education, based on subjects taught in Spanish and English. The learning processes allow the student to master the English language, as well as the Spanish language. In all the subjects that structure the curriculum, they are organized so that the student can develop logical reasoning, carry out research that allows analysis and interpretation in different areas of knowledge. These areas are organized around scientific thinking, such as science, technology, mathematics, social sciences, language, literature (both in Spanish and English), physical education and artistic development.

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